Preparing Air Conditioner for hot weather in dubai

Work on the prevention of split Ac systems:

  • Cleaning the indoor unit: filters, housing, heat exchanger, fan
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit
  • Check leak detector refrigerant gas
  • Checking the pressure in the system and refilling the refrigerant (refrigerant gas)
  • Rolling compound pulling
  • Clearing the drainage system: drain pan, drain hose, pump
  • Wire pulling in terminal block
  • Checking the operating current of the compressor
  • Noise elimination
  • Check the control panel
  • Checking the air conditioner in all modes of operation

How often should prophylaxis be carried out?

It depends on such factors:

  • how often is air conditioning used
  • how clean is the air outside
  • whether quality air conditioning is installed
  • uptime criticality

It is clear that if the air conditioner is used around the clock and constantly, then it becomes dirty much faster than its counterpart, which is included only when necessary.

The more dust and dirt on the street and in the room, the more often it is necessary to wash the filters of the indoor unit (this is quite up to the owner of the air conditioner) and clean the heat exchangers of the indoor and outdoor units. This is especially noticeable in the season of “poplar fluff” – the outdoor unit can be covered with a dense “fur coat” in just a few days.

The better the consumables and tools, and the more professional the installation of the air conditioner, the less refrigerant gas will be leaked and the less ac gas refueling will be needed.

If the air conditioner does not work for several days in the apartment or in the office, it’s unpleasant, but not critical, but if the air conditioner of the server’s cooling system breaks down, expensive equipment may fail, a break in the work of the whole department, loss of important data. It will already be quite critical and it is necessary to monitor the condition of air conditioners regularly in order to prevent split-system failure in time. 

Preparing for the winter season – conservation

Domestic split systems do not require mandatory preservation for the winter.

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