How did the first Air Conditioner come about?

Many people do not know, but the first Air Conditioner was not created in order to air the environment for people. Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner to solve a problem of his graphic industry. In the summer the work of the industry was harmed because the paper absorbed the humidity of the air and it dilated. In addition, the colors did not settle because of the humidity. Then in 1902 he created the first refrigerated air system to solve this problem.

Carrier deduced that he could extract the moisture from the plant by cooling the air by artificially cooled pipes. This mechanism, which controlled humidity and temperature, was the first example of continuous air conditioner by mechanical process. Thus, the textile industry, which also had great need for environmental control, was the first major market for air conditioning.

Willis Haviland Carrier was born on a farm on November 26, 1876, in the region of Angola. The invention, which controlled air temperature and humidity, became public at St. Louis Worldsfair in 1904 in Missouri. In the following years, Carrier worked on project improvement and product testing. On January 2, 1906, he obtained his patent and called the invention “Apparatus for Treating Air” (Apparatus for Treating Air), which retains many characteristics of the device we know and love today.

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