Tips for Saving Energy with Your Air Conditioner in Dubai

In this summer season, the hot weather in Dubai makes the use of air conditioning become almost a daily necessity, staying connected for hours at a time. Although this accounts for the problem in question, none of this happens without a price: The light bill. However with some of our tips you can save a lot from the time you buy an air conditioner in Dubai, install and even your daily use.

1. Choose Air Conditioner with the Procel Energy Saving Seal that indicates the most energy-efficient and energy-efficient models.

2. Newer models have programming features that help you save energy and turn off when needed, such as timer and sleep .

3. Each space needs an appliance with optimum power, sometimes more than one air conditioner is needed, so always calculate the BTU required for the environment.

4. Inverter models (check out our article on them) are much more economical for long periods of use.

5. If you choose a Split model (note the difference between the Split and Window model in our other article) , install the condenser in a location with good air circulation.

6. If you chose a Window model (note the difference between the Split and Window model in our other article), do not block the sides and bottom of the machine because it reduces its efficiency;

7. Cover the outside of the air conditioner from the direct sun, leaving the ventilation grills free;

8. Installing the appliance in high places in the room causes it to cool the environment by consuming less energy;

9. Do not use excessively low temperatures for long, 23 degrees is usually ideal for an ambient climate;

10. Keep all air vents in the room tightly closed, for better air circulation and to force down the appliance, which ends up wasting more energy;

11. Avoid solar heating in the environment by using curtains or blinds

12. Always clean the Ac filters! The accumulation of dirt makes the Air Conditioner work harder;

13. If you are going to be away from the room for a long time, turn off the power.

14. On the Split models, there is an option called sleep, ideal for the night. Because it regulates depending on the need for temperature, saving energy;

15. Avoid turning on other unnecessarily connected electronic equipment in the room where the air conditioner is switched on, because their heat causes the appliance to “work harder” to cool the room.

These were some tips for saving money and making a good purchase, installation and use of your air conditioner in Dubai.

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