What is an Air-Split Split Inverter AC?

Sets the  air conditioning reverse split can reach the desired temperature quickly and without oscillations with little power surge. The inverter is responsible for handling the speed of rotation of the air-conditioning compressor, according to the need for ambient cooling. This technology so far has not been implemented in Window Air-Conditioners.

In regions where temperature variation is small, as in the north and northeast , it may be that a split inverter does not make as much difference to your pocket. Because the temperature fluctuates a little, the tendency is for the inverter to always work at maximum capacity. This technology causes the compressor to shut down completely and not causing voltage peaks. It’s like the is in the name, it reverses the frequency that controls the speed of air compression.

Since the more heat needs to be removed from the environment, the greater the speed of the compressor, an Inverter Air Conditioner consumes about 60% less energy compared to other options in the appliance. As the Air-Conditioning Inverter compressor is always working, there is no temperature fluctuation.

Because it is a new technology that is not yet present in all options of air conditioners in Dubai, the ones that have are usually more expensive. But it ends up compensating much more in your account of light at the end of the month if the use is constant.

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