Preparing Air Conditioner for hot weather in dubai

Work on the prevention of split Ac systems:

  • Cleaning the indoor unit: filters, housing, heat exchanger, fan
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit
  • Check leak detector refrigerant gas
  • Checking the pressure in the system and refilling the refrigerant (refrigerant gas)
  • Rolling compound pulling
  • Clearing the drainage system: drain pan, drain hose, pump
  • Wire pulling in terminal block
  • Checking the operating current of the compressor
  • Noise elimination
  • Check the control panel
  • Checking the air conditioner in all modes of operation

How often should prophylaxis be carried out?

It depends on such factors:

  • how often is air conditioning used
  • how clean is the air outside
  • whether quality air conditioning is installed
  • uptime criticality

It is clear that if the air conditioner is used around the clock and constantly, then it becomes dirty much faster than its counterpart, which is included only when necessary.

The more dust and dirt on the street and in the room, the more often it is necessary to wash the filters of the indoor unit (this is quite up to the owner of the air conditioner) and clean the heat exchangers of the indoor and outdoor units. This is especially noticeable in the season of “poplar fluff” – the outdoor unit can be covered with a dense “fur coat” in just a few days.

The better the consumables and tools, and the more professional the installation of the air conditioner, the less refrigerant gas will be leaked and the less ac gas refueling will be needed.

If the air conditioner does not work for several days in the apartment or in the office, it’s unpleasant, but not critical, but if the air conditioner of the server’s cooling system breaks down, expensive equipment may fail, a break in the work of the whole department, loss of important data. It will already be quite critical and it is necessary to monitor the condition of air conditioners regularly in order to prevent split-system failure in time. 

Preparing for the winter season – conservation

Domestic split systems do not require mandatory preservation for the winter.

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HVAC Circuit Board Repair

HVAC Circuit Board Repair for air conditioners

All Done Ac Maintenance Co. LLC specialists repair control boards of any brand of air conditioners from Daikin and Mitsubishi, to Chinese air conditioners of unknown brands, repair air conditioner PCB boards in Dubai.

Boards are repaired regardless of the design – wall Ac, duct Ac, cassette Ac, sub ceiling Ac, column types Air Conditioners.

PCB Repair at the customer’s Location

After receiving the inquiry/complaint, the Ac service team arrives at the call, diagnoses the malfunction and repairs the control board immediately on the spot.

Each Ac Maintenance Van has the necessary supply of basic radio elements and, in case it is possible, repairs the board on the spot.

The cost of the work will include: departure service crew and diagnostics, repair of the air conditioner board itself, removal and installation of the board with disassembly and assembly of the air conditioner.

Repair in the Ac service center

If on-site it was not possible to repair the PCB board, the repair team removes it and delivers it to the service center where the radio-electronics specialists restore its working capacity.

Specialists of the Ac service center in Dubai will identify the malfunction and repair the Ac PCB board in case of failure of the microchips, relays, and other radio components. In case there are no original parts, they will select a fully functional analog of reliable manufacturers.

It is also possible to  independently  bring a fee to our service center.

To do this, you must send an email to our email in which will be:

  • Photo of the nameplate of the air conditioner itself, where the model is clearly visible
  • A photograph of the board and places of damage in good quality
  • Scan (photo) of the diagnostic act
  • Describe the symptoms of faults and air conditioning errors (if any)

The term of repair of control boards (PCB) of air conditioners depends on the availability of parts and can vary from 30 minutes to a week, each case is negotiated with the client individually.

Remote transformer

Sometimes the transformer is located not on the board itself, but next to it, in the case of the air conditioner, in which case it must also be brought, since the cause of the malfunction may lie in it.

If the air conditioner has a control board (PCB) in an external unit, then the air conditioner needs to be diagnosed on site, since from experience about 50% of the diagnostic results are false and the board is not faulty, but other elements – sensors, valves, compressor.


If you are not an expert and do not understand what is going on, then you must call and consult. Get ready to provide photos and tell the story of the breakdown.

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Best Ac Maintenance

Our company offers you best service maintenance of air conditioning systems in Dubai, maintenance of household air conditioners, maintenance of industrial air conditioners, which is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of leading global manufacturers. We have special permits and licenses for the installation, installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

For a smooth and uninterrupted process of working air conditioners in Dubai need care. Therefore, you should not wait for the time to come and the air conditioner will fail. The best treatment is prevention. A common problem is poor ventilation of cool air, unpleasant odors and a too slow decrease in temperature.

An important step in the maintenance of air conditioners in Dubai is the periodic inspection of their components, which may be damaged. These include Copper tubes through which the refrigerant flows.

Experts “All Done Ac Maintenance LLC” provide a range of Air Conditioning services in Dubai, which includes installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioners:

  • Diagnostics of all Air Conditioning systems;
  • Problem identification: breakdowns, refrigerant leaks, etc .;
  • Testing Air Conditioner performance in a variety of operating modes and states;
  • Service maintenance of the Air conditioner;
  • AC Cleaning and refilling freon;
  • Minor troubleshooting before overhaul.

Maintenance and repair of air conditioners

As our practical experience shows, in the course of operation, individual units of an air-conditioner lose their properties under the influence of a number of adverse factors. First, the filter cells become clogged with various solid particles (dust, dirt, etc.) present in the air. Secondly, due to moisture (in the form of condensate), fungus and mold can form on the surface of the heat exchanger.

Accordingly, the time of continuous operation of equipment increases, which leads to its increased wear. In order to avoid a violation of the functionality of the devices, experts strongly recommend cleaning office air conditioners after 3-4 months of work, and apartment cleaning once a year.

Detailed information on AC maintenance Dubai and Installation of air conditioners you can get by phone. 050 297 7603.

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Why Hygiene is important for your Air Conditioner in Dubai?

Since it affects the functioning of the equipment and has more energy expenditure, and even cause health problems like migraines and mucosal irritation, the lack of maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner in Dubai can cause a lot of problems.

Preventive Ac Maintenance Dubai and professional cleaning reduce the emission of pollutants in the environment, saving the energy consumption of the Air Conditioner, boosting its useful life and in the end, between risks and benefits, you will realize that it pays much to do periodic hygiene. Ever wondered, looking on the business side, any client or employee develop a respiratory problem caused by a dirty air conditioner in Dubai? Or even in your home, you or another person who lives with you suffer from rhinitis and / or constant irritations for the same reason? The lack of cleaning of the device can generate or even aggravate pre-existing diseases such as conjunctivitis, respiratory problems and a number of other allergic reactions.

Not just health problems, which eventually weigh in your pocket anyway when treating a disease, but dirty air-conditioning can bring short-term financial damage as well. An Air Conditioner that has no maintenance and remains impure ends up using more energy to cool the room to try to compensate for the conditions that hamper its performance.

So maintenance of your air conditioner in Dubai, be it preventive or corrective, will probably always save you money and protect your well-being, in case you have a company with several Ac’s, you need a Maintenance Plan, Operation and Searcon Control (PMOC), where our focus is exactly this. Ensure your comfort, safety and saves you from unnecessary expenses.

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